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Canon Printer Not Printing Colour? How Do I Fix It?

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Canon printers are designed to be high-quality printing devices for the home or workplace. When you connect a Canon printer to your computer using a regular USB cable, you can receive excellent quality printouts with 100% clarity in the content. 

However, after a while, you will discover that your printer is not printing properly. Before attempting to resolve this issue, it is critical to establish what the likely cause of Canon Printer Not Printing Colour is. We clearly detailed its true reasons and repair procedure in this essay. So, go through the offered information from head to toe and your problem will be gone in no time.

It is well known that the Canon printer model is a top brand that offers excellent printing results. Before beginning the troubleshooting procedure:

Confirm the potential causes of your Canon Printer Not Printing Colour.

Confirm the other basic printer problem before proceeding with the methods below.

To work step by step, read this article to understand more about your Canon printer’s cause and reasons for not printing errors.

Reasons for the Canon Printer Not Printing Colour Appearance

It might provide you with compelling reasons to install Canon Printer Not Printing Colour on your printer. Examine the following list:

  • In the system, there is a corrupted or obsolete driver.
  • Ink cartridges that are low or empty
  • Problems with paper jams
  • Printer firmware installation is unnecessary.
  • Errors with Canon Printer Setup
  • Certain difficulties with compatibility
  • For the filthy and broken printer head
  • Making use of duplicated ink for printing
  • Low-quality paper is inserted into the printer tray.
  • Other difficulties with wireless connection

After you’ve determined the various causes of this Printer not printing colour issue on your Canon printer, you can apply the methods below to receive a straight solution with correct actions to follow.

Solution 1: Ink Cartridge Inspection

Cartridge Inspection

Yes, when it comes to ink cartridges for your printer configuration, you must use low-level or empty ink cartridges. To avoid this problem, you must regularly calibrate the printer equipment to ensure that the ink cartridge has proper ink levels.

To begin, open the printer device’s front door.

Take the ink cartridge out of the ink carriage.

Examine the fitted cartridges for acceptable ink levels and try to replace an empty cartridge with a premium ink brand.

Simultaneously, try to move the printer cartridge to its appropriate position and print a test page to ensure that the printer is printing properly.

However, if your Canon printer is not printing in colour, proceed to the next step.

Solution 2: Install the most recent printer driver.

As we all know, the driver allows the printer to work based on your appropriate system connection and specs. As a result, if you are aware of any driver difficulties such as outdated, incorrectly installed, malfunctioning, or corrupted drivers, you may experience Canon Printer Not Printing Colour. Before upgrading your driver to the most recent version for your model and operating system. You may also get the printer driver straight from the Canon official website – www.ij.setup. You may still get the same not printing issue on your printer—follow the following option.

Solution 3: Examine the Colour Printing Settings

Check to see if you have the colour printing option activated on your Canon printer. If not, you must instantly allow it to print in colour. To solve this, follow the procedures below to obtain the true colour printing settings section:

Start the installation by pressing the Start button on your pc.

Connect using the Settings tab.

Select the Printers and Scanner option.

Choose your desired Canon printer from the list of available printer names.

Connect by using the Properties tab.

Check to see if the printer has the colour printing option activated. If it isn’t already enabled, activate it first.

Print your chosen document after completing the test print work.

Still, if you are experiencing the same Canon Printer Not Printing Colour issue, go to the following step.

Solution 4: Restart Your Printer

It may appear absurd to restart your Canon printer setup devices to repair this printer not producing colour difficulties.

However, restarting the printer may be beneficial in restoring and removing small issues from the printer in order to access it effectively. So, without hesitation, try restarting the printer device and printing to see whether the problems have been resolved.

How Do I Fix Canon Maxify Printing Problems?

Canon Maxify Printer users frequently look for fast answers to problems such as Canon Maxify Printer not printing, Canon Maxify Printer not printing colour, and so on. Canon Maxify printing problems, like other Canon printer types, can arise for a variety of causes. They include the usage of faulty printer drivers, empty inks, paper jamming difficulties, inappropriate printer firmware installation, incorrect printer setup, compatibility concerns, dust in the printhead, and the use of duplicate ink. It is critical that you take all required precautions to avoid any of these situations. Aside from this, you should service your printer on a regular basis to maintain smooth operation and remove the chance of difficulties.

Why isn’t my Canon printer printing black?

Canon Printer not printing black is a common problem among Canon Printer customers. Instances arise when the printer stops producing black due to a blocked printhead nozzle. This limits the printhead’s ability to deposit black ink onto the paper. Another reason the Canon Printer does not print in black is when the black ink runs out or the empty ink cartridge becomes blocked.

Why isn’t my Canon printer printing the right colours?

One of the most prevalent reasons for colour printing problems with a Canon printer is an empty cartridge. First, make sure that your printer still has ink in it. Open and close the front door carefully to remove the battery from the printer. Look for symptoms of excessive ink.

Examine the missing colours to discover whether they are from replenished colour ink tanks. You can tell whether the print head needles are clogged by doing a nozzle check. If you want to scale your print down, the default option (default) assures that it will be colour-corrected. Uninstall and reinstall the print driver if you’re experiencing problems printing in colour on a Windows machine. If a different ink cartridge is not detected, your printer may struggle to recognise it. If you haven’t already, make sure the checkbox labelled Black/Grayscale or Grayscale is selected in your printer software.

How to Repair Printer Colour Issues

Repair Printer Colour Issues

If you’re having trouble getting accurate colours while printing, there are a few simple tests you can do to figure out what’s wrong.

Because the problem is most likely an empty cartridge, you should first check the ink or toner in your printer. You will not need to open the printer to perform this since you will just need to access the printer’s maintenance utilities. This may be accessed either on your PC’s start menu or the printer’s LCD navigation panel, if it has one. The location of this depends on the brand and model of your printer. You’ll be able to check which cartridges are low on ink once you’re in the maintenance utilities.

If your ink levels appear normal but you’re still not receiving the quality printing you need, it’s time to perform a test print or tip check. Because the test distinguishes between cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges, you’ll be able to tell which one is causing the trouble.

If you haven’t printed in a while, the ink in the cartridges may have dried up and clogged the nozzle, necessitating a test. The printer will essentially clean out the nozzle by doing a nozzle check, ridding it of any blocked particles. The nozzle test should be done last since it might use a lot of ink during the procedure.

With these basic tests, you’ll be able to predict which ink cartridges are likely to require replacing, which will help you manage the upkeep of your printer.

What Is the Best Way to Clean an Inkjet Cartridge?

When your printer stops working, the first thing to check is whether the inkjet cartridges are empty. You should also make sure the material is full. You will not be able to print if the paper tray is empty. The next step would be to remove all of your printer’s ink cartridges. You’ll be able to tell if any of them are broken or unclean this way. If they look to be in good condition, you should try reloading them into your printer. If this fails, you may need to replace the complete set of cartridges.

Takeaways for the End!

We hope that we were able to assist you in resolving your printer’s canon pixma printer not printing colour issue. Even after using all of the methods, if you believe you have failed to resolve the Canon Printer Won’t Print Color issue, you should contact our Canon Printer Experts, who will assist you in determining the finest strategy to solve the Canon Printer Not Printing problem in real time. They will give focused support to assist you in resolving the issue in real time. Contact Canon Printer Experts Right Now!