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How to Reset the Canon Printer to its Factory Settings?

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Canon Printer Factory Reset.

Do you have a problem with your Canon printer? Resetting it may be the best answer. This article will teach you how to reset a Canon printer. Techniques includes hard reset, factory reset, and ink cartridge reset.

A Canon printer reset can reverse any strange settings and get you return to printing.

Canon printers, especially the Pixma inkjet line, are well-known for their quality and are among the best printers available today.

However, there may be occasions when your Canon printer does not function properly for whatever reason.

In such cases, you should do a Canon printer reset. This can help you tackle technical difficulties like your printer being sluggish, producing blank pages, or being unresponsive.

How to Reset a Canon Printer

Follow the steps below carefully to complete the procedure of “How to Restore Canon Printer to Factory/Default Settings”:

To begin, choose the setup option on your Canon printer.

To choose the device settings, connect using the arrow buttons on your printer. Use the OK button to confirm.

When it comes to the arrow buttons, touch to reset the setting choice >OK.

Finally, click Reset All>OK.

Give your approval.

To complete the procedure, press the OK button one again.

After resetting your printer, you must reconfigure it according to your preferences.

How to Use a Power Reset to Reset a Canon Printer to Factory Settings

Because many printers do not have a restart button (Printer without a reset button), you can use the following approach to reset their Canon printer:

First, switch off the Canon printer.

Next, disconnect any power wires that are attached. Check that the printer has been entirely unplugged from its power supply.

Wait for at least 30 seconds.

Connect the rejected cable to the printer’s power supply once again using the Canon Manual assistance.

Turn on the printer you want to use.

I hope you found an answer to your query, ‘How to Reset Canon Printer.’ If you still have the same problem, follow the instructions below.

How to Reset a Canon Printer Using the Power and Stop Buttons

For your information, this technique of resetting the Printer device to default/factory settings does not necessitate the use of any software. The following are the steps to take:

Ascertain that the Canon printer is on and connected to the PC.

Then, hit the “power” button to turn off the printer.

Furthermore, hold down the pause button for two seconds.

After pushing the stop button, hold down the power button gently for at least two seconds. Release your grip on the stop button.

Press the stop button five times in regard to the hold-on power button.

Finally, it’s time to turn on the computer.

As you can see, your printer will be reset and the monitor may go blank. Allow them a few seconds to return to their usual state with their preset settings. If there are no noises, hit the “On” button to restart your printer.

If your printer is still giving you problems, try the following hard reset and factory reset procedures:

How to Perform a Hard Reset on a Canon Printer

Hard Reset

Hold the pause button and relax at first until you see caution messages from the printer.

Then, at least 19 times, press the start button.

You may also notice that your printer has been reset to its default settings.

Uninstall any printer-related drivers from your PCs.

Finally, install all of the most recent drivers for the current machine.

How Do I Restore My Canon PIXMA Printer to Factory Settings?

To begin, switch on the Canon printer.

Use the menu and scroll down in line with the navigation arrows. Find the device setup option and choose it.

Give the OK button > reset option.

Finish with OK and restart the procedure.

Turn off the specified Canon PIXMA printer and simultaneously push the stop and power buttons.

Later, release the brake pedal while holding down the power button.

Select the brake pedal twice.

Wait for the display alert that displays “O” on the screen, which might take up to 30 seconds.

Select the “stop” button four times more.

Then, two more times, push the power button.

Finally, push the power button one again to switch off your printer.

How Do I Restore the Factory Settings on My Canon Printer?

Along with changing the inkjet printer, some of you may want assistance with resetting the Printer device to factory settings. This section identifies the way for doing so. To follow it, first locate and press the Stop button until you hear a ringing alarm. After that, once you’ve heard the alarm at least 19 times, tap the Start button. You will gradually be able to restore your Canon printer to factory settings.

Press the “Stop” button on your device until you hear a ringing alarm.

After the alarm chimes or flashes 19 times, press the “Start” button.

Your printer’s settings will be reset to factory defaults. Then you must uninstall its components from your PC.

Install the most recent driver versions once again.

How Do I Restore My Canon PIXMA Printer to Factory Settings?

In some cases, your Canon PIXMA Printer may not perform as well as you would anticipate. You can opt to restore it to its factory configuration. When your printer is turned on, you may access the Device Settings to restore the default factory settings. You may reset your computer using these options. Then, using the procedures below, you may do a factory reset on your device.

Begin using your Canon PIXMA printer.

Look for the “Device Settings” section. This option may be found in the menu. You may choose it using the arrows.

Now press the “Ok” button.

Select “Resetting.”

Hit “Ok”.

After that, switch off your printer.

At the same time, press the “Stop” and “Power” buttons.

Hold down the “Power” button. Then press the “Stop” button. Now, hit the “Stop” button twice.

After 30 seconds, the letter “O” will appear on the screen. To proceed, press “Stop” four times.

Then, twice, press the “Power” button.

To switch off your printer, press the “Power” button one more time.

How Do I Reset a Canon Printer Ink Cartridge?

The Home button is a common method for resetting a Canon printer’s ink cartridge. A chip can be used to reset the cartridges using a specific technique. Certain Canon products may include a Stop, Resume, Ok, or Reset button. This icon can also be used in this manner. Surprisingly, in some circumstances, simply replacing the ink cartridges might reset them.

You can use one of the six techniques on this page to reset the Canon ink Cartridge. Keep in consideration the type of your printer while deciding on a method. Consider if the approach you choose is appropriate for your device.

Method 1: Using the Power Button to Reset a Canon Ink Cartridge

The most common way is to use the Power button to reset the Canon printer’s ink cartridge. Please turn off your printer before using this approach. After that, press the Power button. Following that, press the Stop button. This is followed by briefly holding down the Stop button. You may then push it again using the Power button. This is preceded by a few additional straightforward steps for resetting your device’s ink cartridge.

Switch off the Printer device.

Press the “Power” and “Stop” buttons simultaneously.

Remove your finger from the “Stop” button.

While holding the “Power” button, push the “Stop” button once more. Double-click the “Stop” button.

After 30 seconds, you will see “O” on the screen.

Press the “Stop” button four times, followed by the “Power” button twice.

Press the “Power” button one more time. The printer will shut down.

Remove the Canon printer’s USB and power cords.

Continue to push the “Power” button to open the ink cartridge door. Connect the devices’ cables.

Close the ink cartridge door and press the “Power” button once again.

Method 2: Reset Canon Ink Cartridge Using the Chip

Moving on to the second approach, we will now discover how to reset the Canon printer’s ink cartridge using a chip. To begin using this approach, find the device’s door, open it, and remove the cartridge. After that, insert the cartridge into the main changes happened channel. Check that the cartridge’s chip and the contact plate are both connected. To proceed, the following instructions have been provided:

Open the cartridge door of the Canon printer and extract the cartridge.

Insert the resetter cartridge into the primary resetter channel.

Check that the ink cartridge chip makes contact with the resetter contact plate.

Now, push the cartridge for a few seconds.

When the contact is formed, you will see that the Led on the chip resetter flashes many times.

When the light is stable, remove the Canon ink cartridge.

Reinstall it on your Canon printer.

In Conclusion

The steps listed above are considerably easier to grasp and try. If you are still unable to fix your ‘How to Reset Printer Device to Factory /Default Settings’ issue after following all of the instructions given above, please contact our technical support team for immediate assistance.