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Epson ET-3850 Printer Troubleshooting

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Epson ET-3850 Printer

Meet the Epson ET-3850 Printer, the intermediate model in a new range of all-in-one printers geared at the home office (opens in a new tab). It’s a three-in-one printer that has an ADF (automated feeder) and refills ink tanks rather than cartridges.

The Epson ET-3850 printer is the greatest all-in-one printer for the home or office. But. When it comes to printers, there is a significant possibility that they will fail to operate at times.

This might be caused by a variety of underlying conditions. We’re here to help you get your Epson ET-3850 printer back up and running. You might also contact us for help.

How to fix the Epson ET-3850 printer driver issue?

Epson ET-3850 printer driver issue

  1. Start the first check by ensuring that all updates have been completed.
  2. The printer driver, as well as the device software, need to be updated.
  3. If the drivers are not updated, the process must be completed all at once.
  4. If the problems persist after the update, repeat the instructions.
  5. Start the Epson ET-3850 printer again. Turn off the power supply.
  6. Remove the printer’s power cable while it is still attached.
  7. The power cord should then be disconnected from the power supply.
  8. Also, restart the device. Select the Power icon and then Restart.
  9. Check again after reinstalling the Epson ET-3850 printer driver.
  10. If there are any problems, please contact us for more assistance.

How can I resolve the Epson ET-3850 printer’s offline problem?

resolve the Epson ET-3850 printer

  1. Start the Epson ET-3850 printer and do the following tests.
  2. Ascertain that there is an active Wi-Fi connection to which the printer may be linked.
  3. Check that the Wi-Fi network is operating at the proper speed.
  4. Start the wireless access router and reconnect it.
  5. Check to see if the printer is configured to work in online mode.
  6. In addition, the printer should be configured as the default printer.
  7. These modifications should be done in the device’s Settings app.
  8. After making these adjustments, restart the printer and the device.
  9. To reactivate the printer, follow the steps outlined above.
  10. If not, please contact us for help connecting the Epson ET-3850 printer.

How to resolve the Epson ET-3850 printer not connecting to the Wi-Fi problem?

resolve the Epson ET-3850 printer not connecting to the Wi-Fi problem

  1. Turn on the Epson ET-3850 printer and wait for it to boot up.
  2. First, determine whether the printer is near the wireless connection.
  3. The wireless connection must be operational and reliable.
  4. To function at the needed speed, a Wi-Fi connection is required.
  5. Restart the printer to fix any underlying issues.
  6. Hold down the power button for a few seconds.
  7. Allow the wireless router to stay inactive.
  8. Also, restart the Epson ET-3850 printer.
  9. Re-establish the connection once the connection and printer are ready.
  10. The printer should now be linked to the wireless network.

Resolve the Epson ET-3850 printer scanning problem

Epson ET-3850 printer scanning problem

  1. Turn on the printer and the device to which it is attached.
  2. Check that the printer is turned on and ready to use.
  3. Open the scanner and move over to the printer.
  4. Check the printer scanner bed for any debris.
  5. Remove any dust from the scanner by wiping it down.
  6. Ascertain that the printer is linked to a wireless network.
  7. Check for updates to the all-in-one printer driver.
  8. Continue by updating the Epson ET-3850 scan utility driver.
  9. Complete the above actions before restarting the Epson ET-3850 printer.
  10. Please contact our staff for more assistance in resolving the printer scanning problem.

How to restore the Epson ET-3850 printer to its original factory settings?

  • Allow the Epson ET-3850 printer to begin printing.
  • Navigate to the printer’s screen and choose the control panel.
  • Proceed by selecting the Tool icon on the screen.
  • When you select Tools, scroll down to find the Reset option.
  • Locate and choose Reset to Factory Settings.
  • Complete it by confirming that you want to apply the changes.
  • Restart the Epson ET-3850 once the adjustments have been implemented.
  • Restart it and make the appropriate modifications based on the user’s preferences.

How to reinstall the Epson ET-3850 printer?

  • Turn on the Epson ET-3850 printer and wait for it to warm up.
  • Disconnect any cords connecting the printer to the device.
  • Following that, the Epson ET-3850 should be disconnected from the wireless network.
  • To do so, go to the back of the Epson ET-3850 printer.
  • Remove the power cords from the printer and power supply.
  • Allow the printer to shut down for a few minutes.
  • Connect the printer to the power supply via the power wire.
  • Continue using the printer after the Epson ET-3850 printer has been turned back on.
  • Make a connection to the wireless network.

Epson ET-3850 Printer Specifications & features

The Epson EcoTank ET-3850 has all of the essential capabilities of a home office printer(opens in new tab), however, a few things are lacking. It has auto duplex but no duplex scan mode, for example. It can print in color or black and white(opens in new tab) on any blank media up to A4 size and includes built-in Wi-Fi as well as a USB connector at the back for a hard-wired connection to your computer, but it lacks a USB Host port at the front for walk-up printing from a flash drive.

The 6.1cm colour LCD is not a touchscreen, as you might anticipate at this pricing point. The rationale for economizing on such features is that Epson does not recoup its costs through ink sales and hence does not subsidize the printer’s original cost. The traditional ‘razor and blade’ business model that worked with Epson’s low-cost cartridge inkjet printers is no longer applicable.

For the same reason, the spec sheet is a touch lackluster. The peak speed of 15ppm (pages per minute) for single-sided mono pages is adequate for most home users, although it is sluggish when compared to a laser printer(opens in new tab) of comparable price. Color printouts are produced at a rate of just 8ppm. The main paper tray can hold a useful quantity of paper (250 sheets), while the outer tray can hold 30 sheets of printed paper.

Importantly, the scan and print resolutions are both respectable and high at 1,200 x 2,400 and 4,800 x 1,200 dpi. This implies you’ll be able to generate exact copies and maybe print crisp photographs. It prints with Epson’s PrecisionCore Print Head nozzle arrangement, which has 400 black and 128 colour nozzles.

Installation and use

The Epson EcoTank ET-3850 is very simple to set up, owing in large part to Epson’s superb new Android/iOS app, which guides you through the process.

Typing in long-winded Wi-Fi passwords may have been a laborious procedure without a touchscreen interface, but the free Epson Smart Panel software turns your smartphone into the interface. Every printer now has a companion app, but this one is the most user-friendly we’ve seen.

The ink reservoirs will be requested to be filled with the ink supplied in the package. We were able to accomplish this without spilling a drop because of the carefully built bottles and tanks.

It’s actually rather nice to know how much ink is left in your printer. With cartridges, you never knew exactly how much was left.

The Epson EcoTank ET-3850 is also incredibly easy to use, especially if you use the app rather than the printer’s tilting control panel.

The only minor annoyance is that you must confirm your newspaper selection every time you open the paper tray, which requires scrolling to the top of the display and selecting ‘close’ to return to printing.


In all of our testing, the Epson EcoTank ET-3850 worked admirably. It’s not the quickest inkjet on the market, but it’s also not the slowest, and the claimed speed of 15 pps for successive black and white pages is plenty. In auto-duplex mode, it slows to 6ppm, yet it prints silently and smoothly.

On plain paper, black writing seems strong and dark. The type was legible with a magnifying lens even at extremely small point sizes, with no spreading or blotting of the pigment-based ink. It’s a touch heavy on ink, but with bottled ink being so cheap, that’s not a big deal.

Full-colour documents are likewise beautifully displayed, with no banding or blocking and excellent, vivid colors. The three dye-based colored inks also perform admirably on glossy picture paper. Although it is meant for workplace use, it functions more as a picture printer.

Copies created with the flatbed scanner are extremely close to the original, and the ADF is excellent for duplicating many pages. It’s only a shame it can’t automatically scan both sides of the page.


Epson has expertly positioned its three-in-one printer for the home office. Given its large ink capacity, it is quite small, and it has all of the fundamental functions of a commercial printer(opens in a new tab).

It’s a shame there’s no touchscreen, USB Host port, or dual scanning, but we’d gladly trade those frills for such cheap operating expenses.

The Epson EcoTank ET-3850 more than justifies its expensive price with that much ink in the package. Most significantly, it prints nicely, both for papers and images.