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Epson ET-4700 Printer Troubleshooting

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Epson ET-4700

Today we’ll look at how to deal with the waste tank on an Epson ET-4700. You may receive an error message indicating that your printer’s service life has expired, or you may notice a slew of lights blinking on your printer. This is due in part to the fact that when you clean your printer, a small amount of ink is deposited in the waste ink tank.

Whenever the tank is full, a few things will occur. To begin, you must reset the waste ink counter. Then there’s the physical waste ink counter to contend about.

Troubleshooting is the location where you may find solutions to printer-related problems. To get the problem-free printer setup, go to the Epson Official website and enter the relevant printer keys.

Use the methods provided to resolve the recurring difficulties with the printer and its access. Connect to a reliable network and begin printing with ease using the printer setup.

Fix Epson ET- 4700 printer driver is unavailable

To begin, switch on the system and attempt to upgrade the operating system using the start menu > updates option.

The following screen will direct you to be updated.

  1. Restart the system and choose the Start icon > Devices and Printers > Epson printer.
  2. Next, launch the basic fixer on the machine by going to the Start menu and searching for Troubleshooting.
  3. Select the troubleshooter option> Hardware & Sound option> Epson Printer.
  4. Finally, you must complete the troubleshooting process with the Epson ET- 4700 printer configuration for effective printing.

Resolve Epson ET-4700 printer offline Error

Resolve waste tank

  • Unplug all of the printer’s attached port cables from the power outlet.
  • Attach the Epson ET-4700 printer and computer to a wireless network that is comparable to your home network. Also, ensure that the additional power wires are connected for appropriate installation.
  • Confirm that the network is steady and buffer-free.
  • Reboot the system once to restore the printer to its default settings. Then, use the control panel settings to get access.
  • Check for clogged nozzles in the ink cartridges.
  • Finally, make sure the Epson ET-4700 wireless setup is utilizing a reliable network and print a test print to check the configuration.

How to fix the Epson ET-4700 Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi?

  • Link the system searching tab to the Epson website to browse.
  • To proceed, download the Epson ET-4700 software update utility combination or the solo utility pack.
  • Connect to an available wireless connection by going to network settings.
  • If you receive an error message while connecting to the router, consider resetting and reinstalling the Epson printer.
  • To use the Run command box, press the Windows key and R at the same time.
  • Then, go to the control panel > printers and scanners > add Epson ET-4700 printer > properties > ports to connect.

How can I resolve the Epson ET-4700 Printer Scanning problem?

For Microsoft Windows

  1. To begin, restart the system and select the Epson printer icon from the system display.
  2. After that, go to the Properties> Compatibility Tab> Run this software in compatibility mode> Windows+ R> services.msc.
  3. Just use Windows Image Acquisition > properties option > Automatic> Service status> running> Apply> OK at the same time.
  4. Examine whether the scanner bed is in excellent shape and easily accessible, then use the Epson Driver simple program to detect and resolve any scanning issues.

For the Mac

  1. To Begin Troubleshooting On The Mac Device, go to the Apple icon > Application > Epson software> Epson ET-4700 Scan settings.
  2. To proceed, you must first view the network configuration print and ensure network stability.
  3. Use the Test button to try and remove the various software versions.
  4. Finally, reinstall it and begin with the scanning procedure on the Mac.

How to restore the Epson ET-4700 printer to its original factory settings?

To begin, you must connect to the active system.

  1. Place the Epson printer in the proper OS settings.
  2. Locate the ET-4700 printer’s reset button.
  3. After locating the reset button, use the sharp object to push and hold it.
  4. Next, turn on the Epson ET 4700 printer and press and hold the Reset button.
  5. When you’ve recognized the printer pop-up, release the Reset button.
  6. Finally, once you’ve completed the reset operation, try to receive a printout using the printer’s other set of IP addresses.

How do I Reset the Epson ET-4700 Printer?

Reset the Epson ET 4700-Printer

  1. First and foremost, turn on the Epson ET-4700 printer.
  2. Then, using the Protected & sharp-pointed item, hit the printer’s reset button.
  3. Continue with the Epson ET-4700 printer and press the reset button for at least 30 seconds.
  4. You will now receive a warning during the printing process, at which point you can remove your finger from the reset button.
  5. Finally, you may use the IP address to access the printing process. You may now finish the system configuration setting.
  6. Contact Our Technical Team for Immediate Help and guidance.

Resetting the Ink Waste Counter

Resetting the Ink  waste Counter

I normally go to to reset the waste ink counter. Select the WIC tab. Don’t go out and get the key just yet.

You should scroll down this page to ensure that your printer’s model number is displayed. Return to the top of the page and download the free program once you’re certain it’s compatible. Make sure to start with your favourite language.

This software must be executed as an administrator. You must trust the program and click yes when prompted to install Inkchip WIC. I use this program because I know it is free of viruses. It will place a slew of icons on your desktop after installation.

Choose the language of your choice. Your printer should be mentioned. If it does not, it is unlikely to be compatible.

The first step is to check the ink counter level. When I did it, the one I got only said 16% filled, but I reset it anyhow to illustrate.

You may purchase the key now that we’ve read the ink level and determined it’s compatible. Return to the other window and choose Reset waste ink counts. Enter the key that you purchased. You should receive a notice indicating that the counter has been reset and requesting that you restart the printer.

Restoring the Waste Ink Tank

Restoring the Waste Ink Tank

When you restart the printer, the count should return to zero. Your printer, however, is still pouring actual ink into the waste ink tank. To begin resolving this issue, flip the printer to the rear. Remove the screw that is keeping the corner panel in place with a number two Phillips screwdriver.

You may now replace the cover. However, don’t put it all the way on or the ink will not be able to pass through the tube. Attach the jar to the printer’s side with the velcro square. This will keep it from getting in your way or falling over.

Cut a hole in the cap large enough to allow the tube to pass through. Replace the cap on the jar and thread the line through it. When you run the self-clean feature, the ink will now flow into the external fuel tank, and when it fills up, you can just dump it out and begin again.

Epson ET-4700 Printing and Copier Issue

When it comes to printers, printing and copying issues are extremely prevalent. This also applies to the Epson ET-4700 printer. However, there is no need to worry; simply follow the instructions mentioned below:-

Step 1: Open your Epson printer’s paper tray and check that everything is in order with paper.

Step 2: Make any required modifications if the paper does not fit in the tray.

Step 3: Check that the downloaded paper satisfies the control panel’s specifications.

Step 4: If your document is legal-size, you may use the Automatic Document Feeder to scan or fax it. Furthermore, the papers will be automatically copied.

Step 5: Check that you are not loading too many papers.

Step 6: Properly position the paper on the scanner glass.

Step 7: Print a sample piece of paper.

Step 8: If you are having trouble copying, go to the duplicate settings and double-check everything.

Step 9: If the problem persists when printing, disconnect all connections and turn off the printer.

Step 10: Restart the printer and navigate to the printer settings.

Step 11: Check that all of the settings are correct before printing.

How to setup Epson ET-4700 to copy documents

You can copy photographs and documents with the Epson ET-4700. Furthermore, you may duplicate in either color or black and white, depending on your needs. When it comes to copying, the maximum restriction is 99 sheets.

The printer allows you to copy multiple pages at once. Use the up and down arrow keys to set the copying limit to 99.

Because there are various copy features, you may alter the copy settings using the Epson settings. You may also zoom the document up to 400% if necessary.