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HP Printer Errors – Common Codes and Messages (Fixed)

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HP Printer Error Fix

You, as a system administrator, are well aware of HP Printer failures, hard disc errors, battery issues, and system faults.

Here is a list of the most frequent HP issues, as well as proven quick repair solutions:

This paper describes how to fix typical error messages associated with memory restrictions and print problems. It does not include all of the trouble codes that can occur with HP LaserJet Pro printers.

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Printer in Error State

Simple solution

This HP printer issue is a regular problem while printing a document. The error notice implies that the printer has been switched off, is not correctly connected to your computer, or is not connected to the internet. Another explanation for the overall error condition might be that your HP printer is low on paper or ink.

To resolve the issue, take the following steps:

  • Check that the printer has been turned on. You may also restart the printer as well as your PC.
  • Check to see if your printer is linked to your laptop or wireless network.
  • Check that your printer’s paper tray is loaded and that there is adequate ink in the printer.
  • If the issue persists, contact HP printer support.

Error 59.F0

Simple solution

The Printer driver error 59.F0 implies that there is an issue with your printer’s internal motor. The most typical source of the issue is a failure in transfer separation, which results in the ITB becoming stuck and unable to spin. The error 59.f0 can potentially be produced by an SR9 sensor malfunction.

Reset the printer setup and remove the power strip to resolve the problem. If this doesn’t work, reset the ITB and double-check its internal connections. If the ITB is damaged, you may need to replace it to resolve the HP issue.

Not Found Boot Device

Simple solution

The HP hard drive error 3F0 might arise when the hard disc does not support the system boot procedure. A hard drive connection problem, an improper boot sequence inside the Basic Input-Output System (BIOS), a virus attack, or a damaged hard drive might be the cause.

If you are experiencing HP error 3F0 and the boot device is not there, try these easy steps to resolve the issue:

  • Hard Reset: A hard reset will delete all data in the computer memory. This compels the system to reconnect the hard disc and the BIOS.
  • BIOS Settings: Restoring the BIOS default configuration in the BIOS Setup section is another option. Restart your computer after the reset to see whether the issue persists.
  • Hard Drive Test: Run either a fast or full test using HP PC Hardware Diagnostics, and then study the issue record.
  • Whether the above procedures did not resolve HP error 3F0, check to see if your hard disc is damaged or has to be reseated.

Error 79

Error 79

Simple solution

When a print job is corrupted or the link between the Hp deskjet and the print spooler fails, the HP printer error 79 normally occurs.

To resolve HP error 79, ensure that your software is up to date and that the printer-software link is operating properly. If this does not work, delete all print jobs from the PCs that have printer access. Then, delete your HP printer from the list of network devices. Re-establish the connection and try once more.

Error 49.4 C02

Error 49.4 C02

Simple solution

A request to connect to a db or other service was received by the listener. The listener got a connected description that indicated a service name for a service. It has not yet been dynamically linked with the listener or statically configured for the listener. This might be a transitory state, such as after the listener has been launched but before the database server has identified with the listener.


  • Wait a moment before attempting to rejoin.
  • Find out which services the listener is now aware of by running: lsnrctl listener name> services
  • Check that the SERVICE NAME option in the connection descriptors of the net service registry used provides a service that the listener is familiar with.
  • If an easy connection naming connection identifier was used, demonstrate that the service name given is one that the listener is familiar with.
  • Look for an event in the listener.log file.

Battery Alert Error Code 601

Simple solution

If your HP laptop displays error 601, you are experiencing battery troubles. The error happens when the capacity of your HP laptop’s primary battery is low.

You can check the battery performance under your laptop’s system diagnostics. If the test verifies that the primary battery’s capacity is low, consider reconnecting the battery. This is a quick-fix method that may assist you in eliminating the error code 601. If this does not cure the problem, the battery may be irreparably destroyed. Simply replace it with a fresh battery in this situation.

System Fan (90f)

Simple solution

When starting the HP laptop, error 90b or error 90f occurs. Both error codes suggest that the HP laptop system fan is malfunctioning. It is not recommended that you continue using the laptop since the cooling fan is not functioning correctly, which might result in an unintentional shutdown and data loss. When the laptop encounters HP error 90b, it normally shuts down within 15 seconds.

Follow these procedures to resolve HP system fan problem 90b:

  • Clean your laptop’s outside vents. Remove any dust that may have accumulated on the cooling fan. Reboot your computer to see if the issue persists.
  • Perform a PC hard reset. This may give you enough time to save your data onto an external hard drive before the laptop shuts down again.
  • Update your laptop’s BIOS. In certain circumstances, this resolves the error 90b.
  • Contact HP service or an authorised partner to get all internal components cleaned correctly. Replace the damaged system fan if necessary.

Error Code 0xc19a0003

Simple solution

One of the most prevalent HP printer error codes is 0xc19a0003. The error means an ink leak at the printer’s bottom. The leaking might be caused by a faulty printhead or a broken ink cartridge. When error 0xc19a0003 occurs, the printer normally cannot print.

To resolve the issue, immediately remove the broken ink cartridge and replace it with a fresh one. Clean the printhead with care. After that, restart your HP printer. It should now function properly.

Error Code 0xc4eb827f

Simple solution

This is the Oracle software exception’s generic internal error number. This indicates that a procedure has encountered an aberrant state.


Report it as a bug – the first parameter is the internal error number.

BIOS Beep Codes

Quick fix

At startup, your HP desktop Computer may emit one or two brief beeps, which is typical. However, if the computer beeps numerous times and Windows does not start properly, the beeps may signal a hardware problem, such as memory or temperature failures, a jammed keyboard key, wrong seating of hard drive connections, failure of a motherboard part, or problems with other operations.

To answer the challenge, pay close attention to how many beeps occur. The quantity of beeps may assist you locate the problem. Check the beep codes on the HP support chart, then resolve the cause of the noises.

Accelerometer Error

Simple solution

If you encounter an accelerometer problem when attempting to start your HP device, it is simple to resolve. The error message typically appears following a Windows software upgrade, which prevents some drivers from functioning correctly. The HP accelerometer problem is frequently caused by a corrupted file or an outdated driver.

There are three options for resolving the HP gyroscope error:

  • Examine for Windows updates. Restart your device after upgrading.
  • In the Device Manager, update all existing drivers.
  • Remove and reinstall any corrupted drivers.

Error E8

Simple solution

E8 is a frequent HP Laserjet printer error number. The error notice indicates an issue with your printer’s scanning carriage. This issue might be caused by software or a problem with the scanner motor.

First, ensure that your HP printer software is current. If error E8 persists, you are almost certainly dealing with a hardware issue. Removing the ink cartridge and cleaning all of the printer rollers should resolve the issue immediately. The key to avoiding HP printer error E8 is to maintain and clean the hardware.

Error 61011bed

Simple solution

Error 61011bed, also known as 0x61011bed, is yet another frequent HP printer error code. Both error codes indicate an issue with your HP printer’s printing head. It may also happen while you are attempting to align the ink cartridges.

How to Troubleshoot HP Error 61011bed:

  • Remove the ink cartridges and thoroughly clean the printhead. If this does not assist, proceed to the next step.
  • Reinstall your HP printer’s ink cartridges, then restart the print job.
  • Update the printer drivers to ensure optimal connection between both the printer and your computer.
  • Install and run the RegAce System Suite registry cleaning to clean the registry.
  • If none of the solutions above work, contact HP technical support.