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How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code A5?

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Error Code A5

Do you have a Brother printer that is giving you an error code a5? In general, Brother Printers showcase a5 error only under three conditions: if a foreign object is stuck in the printer, if an outer substance gets stuck in the drum unit, thereby interfering with its functionality, and finally, it may occur due to the slow wear out of the drum present inside the printer.

Brother Printer is a well-known brand among printers for its excellent quality and functionality. This printer can print professional-quality CAD and GIS applications up to 44 inches wide. Brother printers also enable fast printing of high-quality CAD drawings, file sharing, and collaboration with colleagues in a connected and mobile work environment. However, it may not always operate well, and various error codes may appear on the printer’s screen, interfering with your printing activities. To resolve such problem codes, you must first investigate their root causes.

A Comprehensive Guide to Resolving Brother Printer Error Code A5

There are primarily two methods for discussing how to solve brother printer problem a5, and these are as follows:

Method 1: Examine and Clean

  • This procedure entails a basic check of the printer’s cartridges and disk unit for any dirt that needs to be cleaned in order to resolve the issue.
  • Ensure that the print is not turned on before beginning the process.
  • After that, proceed to the drum unit and inspect the toner cartridges by opening the front panel and pushing and releasing the cover.
  • There will be a green handle there that you must pull upwards.
  • You must now remove the disc unit for examination. Make absolutely sure you do it with caution.
  • After that, you must carefully eject the cartridges by gripping the handles.
  • You should discover a grey lever here that will assist you in elevating the drum so that you may check it for any foreign particles such as dirt, paper clips, or pieces, and clean it correctly if you find any.
  • Examine the printer’s internal areas as well, and try to eliminate any foreign items that may be there in order to mitigate the code a5 issue.
  • You must now carefully place the drum unit into your printer, tilting it first and then positioning it from the bottom to the top so that it fits into the machine.
  • Later, you must remove the grey latch and replace the toner cartridges in the same order as previously.
  • It should now function normally and without issue.

Method 2: Change out the drum unit for a new one

If the first technique does not address the problem, there are only two options, one of which is most likely the problem. One is that the drum unit is old and worn out, and the second is that it has been physically damaged.

  • Replace the old drum unit with a new drum unit for your Brother printer. This will undoubtedly assist in resolving the issue and lead to the printer running properly.

Although these two methods are adequate for how to fix brother printer error a5, if your printer continues to malfunction, you should contact customer service immediately.

What is the meaning of Brother Printer Error Code A5? 

There are several reasons why you may see this error; nevertheless, the problem generally arises from one of three causes. The first explanation is if anything is impeding the printer, if a particle is lodged in the drum unit, or if the drum unit is worn out. These are some of the possible causes of the mistake.

To correct the problem, however, you must follow the fast fixes listed below. However, if there is an issue or the mistake remains unresolved, you should contact the technical support staff. The Brother printer professionals will assist you in thoroughly resolving the issue without delay. Contact the Brother Support team for assistance and support.


Have a printing problem? In your Brother printer, are you seeing the error message ‘Unable to xxx’ or error code A5? If your printer has a mechanical fault, such as a broken drum unit, the error number A5 will normally appear on the display. If you face this printer problem, you may be unable to complete the scanning procedure smoothly. Make your printer operate like new again by following the technical methods on How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code A5 listed below.

Cold Restart

Remove your Brother Printer from the power source. Keep your grip for 30 seconds. Reconnect the power cord and look for the error code. If the problem notice returns, proceed with the procedures below.

Blank Copies

Lift the printer’s top header to ensure there is no document on the flat document feeder. Now, press Copy, followed by Start. The problem is fixed if the printer outputs a blank page. If you still receive the problem code, proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

Installing Drivers

Switch off your printer. Navigate to the Start menu and choose the Control Panel. Remove your Brother Printer by going to System Preferences. Navigate to the manufacturer’s website. Search for your Brother Printer’s model number under Help and Download and install the most recent version of drivers. Consider scanning or faxing a paper. If the problem remains, go to the next step.

Reset the Drum Unit and Toner 

Replace the disc unit and toners by opening the front cover. Pull the drum unit toward you using the Green handle until it stops. Likewise, replace the toner cartridges. Place the drum unit and toner cartridges on a clean, level surface. Locate the grey button lock and pull it to open it. Using the green handles, lift the front of the drum and take it from the machine.

Tips for avoiding the occurrence of Brother Printer Error A5:

  • To clean the inside or outside of the printer, avoid using combustible chemicals.
  • If you are not using the printer, keep it switched off.
  • When carrying the drum unit, always use the green handles.
  • To avoid static electricity harm to the printer, never contact the electrodes.

Contact the brother printer expert assistance desk support number to get the printer fixed or a part replaced.

Causes of Brother Printer Error Code A5

When your Brother printer displays Brother Printer error a5, it attempts to identify the underlying problems. The following are the most prevalent causes of this error:

  • This error can be caused by foreign matter in the printer’s internal components.
  • This error might occur if any foreign material becomes caught in the drum unit.
  • This issue can also be caused by gradual wear and tear on the drum unit.

Let us look at Brother Printer error a5:

Here are some troubleshooting steps for Brother Printer Error. Please follow the instructions in the sequence shown below:

Troubleshooting Brother Printer Error Code A5.

Quick Fix 1: 

  • Check that your printer is switched off.
  • You must now gain access to the disc unit and toner cartridges.
  • To do so, push and release the front cover.
  • A green handle will now appear. Pull it up and away from you.
  • Pull the drum unit out slowly until it permits.
  • Remove the cartridges by holding the handles.
  • Now seek for a grey lever to raise it.
  • The drum must now be removed by angling it toward the machine.
  • Inspect the printer’s inside for any foreign material, such as dirt, packing material, paper clips, paper fragments, and so on, and remove it.
  • You must reinstall the drum init in your printer. Tilt it upwards to insert the bottom of the drum unit before inserting it into the machine.
  • Lower the grey latch after installation.
  • Replace the toner cartridges in the machine.
  • Wait for your printer’s LCD to display ‘Ready’ before you begin using it.

Quick Fix 2:

If the error continues, the problem is with the drum unit’s hardware. The following might be the reason:

  • Either the drum unit has been physically damaged. DO NOT USE THE DRUM UNIT AGAIN, AS IT MAY CAUSE Major HARM TO YOUR PRINTER.
  • Or perhaps the drum unit has worn out.

In each of the preceding two scenarios, you must replace the drum unit. Please use authentic Brother Printer components to guarantee that the printer runs smoothly.

How to Repair Brother Printer Error A5 in 3 Simple Steps

Brother printers are well-known for producing high-quality prints and having a simple setup that just takes a few minutes to finish. However, if you are experiencing problems when using the printer, this is extremely normal and must be addressed quickly. There are several options available to help you handle printer issues. However, if the situation necessitates technical support, you must seek it from them. They will promptly guide and support you in resolving the problem.

When it comes to Brother printers, however, you must follow the precise advice to resolve the issue A5. That is why we have outlined some of the most fundamental measures you may take to overcome issue A5. Let me go through the actions you must do in detail.


In case you still encounter error codes while printing then you can go to Brother Printer expert team for help. You can also use Brother’s virtual assistance for more information about the error.