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How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 50?

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Brother Printer Error Code 50

Do you want to buy a multitasking printer that can do various functions such as printing, scanning, and faxing? If so, the Brother printer is the only alternative for you, since it provides the greatest printing service for the least amount of money. Except for Brother Printer Error Code 50, everything is fine with the Brother printers. Many consumers are fed up with this scenario and have yet to discover a permanent and rapid solution.

Brother printers are technically built to provide full-service printing. They are of high quality and are among the greatest printing options available today. Because these are computers and related, they cannot be expected to be error-free. The code 50 is one of the most prevalent mistakes.

We will give you the remedy to Brother Printer error code 50 after conducting extensive study and consulting with professionals. Please read this article thoroughly.


The brother printer error code 50 is an internal matter which arises when the consumers are attempting to disconnect their printer device and reconnect it back again. If a foreign item, such as a paper clip or torn piece of paper, becomes lodged in the machine, the message “Unable to Print 50” will show on the display. This message appears due to a problem with the printhead. The print head is made up of the cartridges that are housed inside the printer.

  • Turn down your printer and remove the plug from the power source.
  • Examine the printer for any pieces of paper that may have become caught within.
  • If so, remove it promptly but cautiously by opening the printer.
  • If you open it yourself, you may end up putting your printer in danger. It would be preferable if you asked our professionals for assistance. They will supply you with an urgent answer, but you must first contact our professionals, who are impatiently awaiting your call.
  • Another possible solution is to properly wipe the encoder strip with a lint-free cloth. Don’t panic if the printer still doesn’t work; we have alternative options.
  • Check to see that the decoder strip is in the right position. If not, it is your obligation to put the strip in its proper location.

If, after attempting the aforementioned solutions, you continue to encounter Brother printer error code 50, it is time to contact our Brother Printer support team. They will also repair your problem, but will also teach you some key tips for dealing with connected printing issues.

We attempted to resolve your Brother Printer error code 50 issue in this post, and we are confident that you received an appropriate solution. For any further assistance, please contact us at any time via our hotline numbers. It is almost certain that our specialists will give you a wealth of knowledge. So you can figure out how to address the problem.

Follow the instructions below to resolve Brother printer trouble code 50.

  • Transfer all faxes to that other fax machine to ensure that no crucial messages are lost. Because the machine can print at the moment, all fax messages will be stored in its memory. As a result, if the faxes are critical, they can be transferred to that other machine to avoid loss. It saves time and allows for easy recovery of crucial faxes.
  • Open the scanners in the upper direction. Then, carefully inspect the left and right sides, as well as the centre, for any paper pieces that may have become lodged beneath the print head.
  • Leave the scanner lid open. Attempt to flip the machine around so that you are staring at the back of it.
  • Remove the transparent jam cover from the machine’s rear.
  • Examine the inside for evidence of foreign items or stuck paper. Remove them and shut the jam lid and scanner cover.
  • If the message “Unable to print 50” appears again, remove the device from the power socket for 1 minute before plugging it back in. Remove all the ink cartridges, switch off the printer, flip it inverted and shake it for a few seconds.

There are several online help services for printer repair that cover all forms of problem codes. This facilitates workflow by ensuring that the equipment gets serviced and repaired as soon as feasible. There are also instructions on how to solve brother printer error code 50 for a faster recovery.

In only a few clicks, you can speed up your computer

1. Restoro should be downloaded and installed.

2. Launch the app and press the Scan button.

3. Choose the files or folders to be restored and press the Restore button.

Repair Brother Printer Error 50:

A large number of consumers utilise Brother printers for a variety of purposes. It has several fantastic capabilities, such as high-quality printing, faxing, and clear scanning, allowing it to do many activities on a single machine.

As a result, all of the users are pleased with the Brother printer’s services. However, consumers have occasionally mentioned a typical difficulty that they have encountered when using a Brother printer. Today, we will learn how to solve Brother printer error 50, which is one of the many issues linked with the Brother printer.

In the blog that follows, you will learn about the many causes of this mistake. You will also learn about its repair procedure. So, if you have also experienced issue 50, below are some solutions that you may try to solve Brother printer error 50.

Reasons for Brother Error Number 50

The most prevalent reasons for this error are shown below.

  • When a ripped bit of paper or a paperclip becomes entangled in the machine.
  • The error might be caused by a mechanical failure in the printing machine.

Methods for Resolving Brother Printer Error 50:

If you want to resolve the Brother printer problems manually, you can use the solutions indicated below. They will provide you with a great and immediate outcome.

Method One:

  • To begin repairing Brother printer problems 50, open the scanner cover using the plastic tabs found on the right and left sides of the printer.
  • Then. Place the printer in the centre of the page.
  • After that, make sure that no paper or staples are caught in the printer.
  • The printer must then be restarted. If you see this issue again, you should try a different technique.

Method Two:

  • To open the scanner’s lid, use the rubber clips on the cover. They are located on the printer’s left and right sides. Check that it opens properly.
  • After that, to resolve Brother printer error 50, slide the print head to the right below the cover to ensure that the decoder strip is complete and clean.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to clean the encoder strip and hold it from both the right and left sides. Using a cloth, massage the strip from the left to the right. Perform this at least 3 times.
  • After cleaning it, restart your printer; if the problem persists, go to the following procedure.

Method three:

  • Please check that the decoder strip is correctly positioned, as this strip provides the print head.
  • Then, the printer sets up the machine and inserts the strip in the proper place.
  • After you’ve reinserted the strip, restart your printer to see whether the Brother Printer Error 50 has been resolved.

If the error persists, you must contact the Brother printer support staff for assistance in resolving your problem. So, those were some of the simplest methods for resolving Brother error 50. If you want to contact the Brother printer experts, dial the Brother hotline.

There are several causes of error code 50 –

  • An open cartridge access door will be visible.
  • There will be an issue with the Brother ink cartridges.
  • It’s possible that the paper tray is empty.
  • There is paper jammed within the printer, which may cause it to cease operating.
  • Check that your Brother printer is compatible with your computer’s firewall.
  • You can disable the firewall after ensuring that the program is running properly and without latency.
  • Perhaps the printer scanner can be overlooked.
  • Miscommunication between the system and the printer is another cause of error code 50.
  • Perhaps this circumstance arises while the Brother printer is occupied with another printing task.

Troubleshooting Procedure for Brother Printer Error 50 –

  • If you wish to tackle this problem, you must first perform basic troubleshooting.
  • You must first remove the scanner cover.
  • Second, position the printer in the centre.
  • When you’re finished, remember to remove any paper that has become lodged in the print head.
  • Now you may reboot the Brother Printer, wait a second, and turn on the Brother Printer to be in a secure scenario.
  • Following that, we recommend that you contact the Service department.

Why does my Brother printer keep displaying an error message?

Any mechanical equipment is susceptible to the mistake. Furthermore, if your system keeps flashing an issue number, you may simply contact the executive for a lasting remedy. You may be unable to thoroughly clean it in order to repair the How to Resolve Brother Printer Error Code 50. As a result, the system will repeatedly display the error code.