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How To Fix Ink Cartridges Not Recognized Error?

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Ink Cartridges Not Recognized Error

Is your printer refusing to recognise the new cartridge? Before you go out and purchase new cartridges or take your printer to a specialist, read our tutorial on how to solve ink cartridges not recognized.

One of the most aggravating things that your printer digital display may display is an ink cartridge problem notice.

When you went to print your documents today, you did not expect to get an ink cartridges not recognised problem.

We now have both positive and negative news for you, printer owners.

The good news is that we can assist you in resolving your printer’s ink cartridges not recognised at no cost to you.

The bad news is that you may need to replace your ink cartridges.

In the worst-case situation, replacing your inks may not be sufficient, and you will need to replace your printer.

There’s no need to be upset this early; we can still attempt to repair your printer.

First, let’s investigate how this issue occurs in the first place.

What do Cartridge Issue Error Messages Mean?

Your system will notify you if your printer fails to identify an ink cartridge. The ink, maintenance, and small buttons on the printer will start to blink to inform you. A cartridge problem warning may also appear on your printer’s LCD screen or status monitor.

Why isn’t my printer working after I replaced the ink cartridges?

Cartridges contain microchips that interact with the printer during installation. The cartridge chip on the printer keeps record of the number of pages produced. Installing a fresh cartridge clears your printer’s memory and confirms that your cartridge still has 100% printing capability.

There might be a number of reasons why your printer does not detect the new ink cartridge. Before you can resolve any printing difficulties, you must first identify the source. Your fresh ink cartridge may not be working because of the following reasons:

  • Cartridges that have expired.
  • The firmware has been upgraded.
  • The incorrect cartridge model was fitted.
  • The protecting tape was left on.
  • Incorrect colour slot or location of inserted cartridges.
  • Your printer’s or cartridge’s contacts are broken or filthy.
  • The memory of the printer is not reset. The data from the preceding chip is still being read.
  • Because the printer hasn’t been used for a long time, the cartridges and their metallic connections have dried up.

Causes of the Unrecognised Ink Cartridge Error

Ink cartridge error signals can occur for a variety of reasons. Some examples are as follows:

Ink cartridges that are defective

Because the error message “ink cartridges not recognised” plainly says that the fault is with your ink cartridges, we’ll check this off the list and conclude that the inkjet cartridges are to blame.

Check the ink levels to see whether the ink cartridges are the source of the problem.

After you’ve confirmed that your cartridges contain adequate ink, look into the warranty of your inks.

Ink does not last forever. Expired ink/s are the most typical source of ink cartridge errors.

Printhead Issue

The printhead of your printer is the most significant and expensive component of your equipment. Printheads are extremely delicate and can be easily damaged if not handled with care.

If you’re not sure where your printhead is, it’s the portion of your printer that houses your ink cartridges.

Printheads can become clogged with dust and dirt over time and should be cleansed at least once a month. A filthy printhead can result in poor print quality, such as inability to print in black or colour, as well as ink system failure.

Printer System Failure

The ink cartridge not recognised error message might indicate a much larger issue. A faulty printer system may not give an obvious signal, but an issue with your ink cartridges may.

The bad news is that if your printer malfunctions, the only cure is to replace your old printers with a new one. Hopefully, the printer’s ink cartridge not recognised issue you’re seeing isn’t the result of a faulty printer system.

Basic Printer Maintenance

Before taking any troubleshooting actions on their multi-function printer, we recommend that printer owners perform a simple printer inspection, if feasible.

To begin, perform a simple printer inspection.

  • Start your printer.
  • Examine the printer’s display screen. It should not have any display issues. And your button(s) should all function properly.
  • Place a single-page paper on your scanner glass, and then scan it.
  • Copy in black and white or colour by clicking the copy button.

If you can successfully copy, continue to the instructions below.

If not, you have a far deeper problem than just ink cartridges that aren’t being recognised by your printer.

Basic Troubleshooting for the Error “Ink Cartridges Not Recognized”

Follow these troubleshooting procedures to resolve a printer ink cartridges not recognised issue.

20 minutes to resolve Ink Cartridges Not Registered Error

Resetting your printer

To begin, disconnect the printer’s power line from the rear while it is still switched on. This is how you perform a hard reset on a printer.

Wait at least two minutes before turning it on. Also, ensure that your printer’s power line is connected directly to a wall socket.

Take out and replace your ink cartridges.

Once your printer is turned on, open the ink cartridge and close the lid to inspect your printer’s ink cartridges.

Remove them one at a time and re-insert them into your printer. But before you do it, proceed to the following step.

Check the guarantee on your ink cartridges.

Examine the warranty information on each of your toner cartridges. The warranty indicates when your ink cartridge will expire.

Yes. Ink cartridges, like food, have an expiry date.

The warranty is frequently encoded in the ink cartridge. It will normally display the expiration month, day, and year. Or simply the month and year.

Replace any that have already expired with new inks.

Manually move the printhead

Check to see whether the ink cartridges not recognised problem message still shows after replacing all of the ink cartridges in your printer.

If it still appears, hard restart your printer once again. While you’re waiting for the two minutes to pass, open the access door and carefully reposition the printhead.

If the head is on the printer’s right side, carefully shift it to the left.

If it’s on the left of the printer, shift it to the right side.

When your printer’s printhead is in the centre or centre, carefully shift it to the right side.

Hopefully, these methods have removed the ink not recognised error message from your printer’s screen.

If the problem persists, go to the advanced troubleshooting procedures.

Advanced Ink Cartridge Custom Error Troubleshooting

After performing the basic troubleshooting methods, printer users may still get an ink cartridge not recognised. You can follow the instructions below.

The first step is to hard reset your printer once more. Remove the power wire from the rear of your printer for at least 2 minutes before resuming use.

Replace all ink cartridges if you have new inks available after the printer is switched on.

If not, continue to the next step.

If the issue message persists, our final troubleshooting option is to do a semi-full reset.

Printer Tips for Avoiding Ink Not Recognized Errors

If you are able to resolve your printer problem, you may wish to take some of the following measures to avoid the error, inks not recognised, from recurring.

Make use of authentic inks

We strongly advise you to use only authentic ink cartridges in your printer. These are inks made by the maker of your printer.

Those low-cost inks that are touted as suitable with your printer system may end up costing you more money in the long run. They may potentially increase the number of printing mistakes. If it is shown that your ink issue was triggered by non-genuine inks, your printer’s manufacturer may void your warranty.

Clear the printhead

As previously said, your printhead is extremely delicate and costly to repair. Its upkeep should be your first concern.

Printhead cleaning aids in the removal of dirt and air from your printhead, which can cause printer issues.

You may use your printer’s display screen or the printer application on your mobile device or computer to accomplish this.

We recommend cleaning the printhead at least once a month, or if you change your ink cartridges or have any printing issues, such as not being able to print in colour.

Make use of your printer

A sluggish printer system causes dry inks.

To keep your inks from drying out, use your printers at least once per week or every two weeks.

You don’t even need to print a bunch of pages every week. A single paper will be enough and will aid in improving ink circulation within your printer.

Protect your printer

Make careful to cover your printer whenever you are not using it. Printer covers are quite affordable and may save you a significant amount of money and time in the long run.

Covering your printer reduces the amount of time you must spend maintaining it.


To save money on printing, residential and business customers would naturally prefer compatible and remanufactured inks over branded counterparts.

Printer users may continue printing using low-cost Brother ink cartridges or economical Epson cartridges that are just as effective as their OEM counterparts by following the methods mentioned above.