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How To Fix Ink System Failure Error?

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ink system failure error

Have you ever tried to print a document and received the message “Ink System Failure” on your printer’s display screen?

If you’re seeing an ink system crash error message on your printer, don’t give up. Do not assume that you must immediately replace your ink cartridges or printer.

We understand how severe this issue might be, but it is still fixable.

Before we begin resolving your ink system failure issue, let us first investigate why it has arisen in the first place.

Ink System Failure Causes

Ink with a flaw

Because the error message “ink system failure” indicates that the issue might be with your ink cartridges, now would be a good time to check all of your ink cartridges.

Is there enough ink in them? Are they still valid?

If you responded no to any of these questions, you should try changing one or more of your toner cartridges to resolve the ink system failure of your printer.

Problem with the printhead

If your ink cartridges are not the source of the problem, it might be your printhead, which is located where your cartridges are while they are inside your printer.

Because the head is the most costly and sensitive component of your printer, making sure it’s in good operating order may save you time and money. The printhead is the portion of your printer that comes in contact with the paper. It places the inks on the paper in the pattern you specify.

Printheads can acquire air and debris over time, which is why you can do printhead cleaning to guarantee you have a clean printhead.

Because a filthy printhead can create printer problems such as inability to print in black or colour or ink cartridges not being recognised.

Printer system failure

The ink system crash error message might indicate a much larger issue.

A malfunctioning printer system has no obvious symptoms, although it might be the consequence of other printer faults.

If your entire printer system is destroyed, the only remedy is to replace your old printer with a new one.

Hopefully, the printer ink system failure you’re experiencing currently isn’t the result of a faulty printer system.

Basic Printer Maintenance

Before beginning any troubleshooting actions on their multi-function printer, we recommend that printer owners do a simple printer inspection.

To begin, perform a simple printer inspection.

  • Start your printer.
  • Examine your printer’s screen; there should be no display issues. And your buttons should all function properly.
  • Place a one-page paper on your scanner glass, and then scan it.
  • Copy in black and white or colour by clicking the copy button.

If you can successfully copy, continue to the instructions below.

A Beginner’s Guide to Repairing Ink System Failure

Ink System failure error

On the display, you will frequently encounter the HP Officejet 6700 Premium ink system crash error. 

The most likely reasons for this error include incorrect ink cartridge installation, the printer’s inability to read recently installed cartridges, low ink levels, and a blockage in the cartridge vent. 

The HP ink system failure may be resolved by changing the old cartridges with new and original ones, resetting your device, and ensuring that there is sufficient ink in the ink tanks before printing. 

In addition to all of the repairs, another option is to confirm that the toner cartridges in your printer are properly installed.

Continue reading this post if you want to learn more about the reasons and solutions for the ink system crash issue on HP and its many models.

The printer has been hard reset.

The first step in resolving an ink system crash issue on your printer is to do a hard reset.

This should be done when the printer is turned on. Unplug the power line from the rear of your printer and wait at least 2 minutes before reconnecting it and turning it on.

Take out and replace your ink cartridges.

When your printer is back up and running, open the cartridge access door to check on your ink cartridges.

Remove them one at a time and re-insert them into your printer. However, before you replace them, complete step #3.

Check the guarantee on your ink cartridges.

Check the warranty information on each of your toner cartridges. The warranty specifies when your cartridge will expire.

Yes. Inks, like culinary products, have an expiry date.

The warranty is frequently encoded in the ink cartridge.

Replace them with new inks if they have already expired.

Manually move the printhead

Check to see whether the issue notice still shows after reinstalling the cartridges.

If the error (ink system failure) appears again, perform another hard reset. While you wait for the two minutes to pass, reopen the cartridge access door and manually shift the printhead.

If the printhead is on the printer’s right side, carefully shift it to the left.

Slide it to the right side of the printer if it is on the left side.

Move the printhead to the right side of the printer when it is in the centre or centre of the printer.

These methods should have removed the ink system failure error notice from your printer’s screen.

If the problem persists, go through the advanced troubleshooting methods to resolve the ink system failure.

Using OEM HP Ink Cartridges

If the ink cartridges are not suitable with your HP printer, an error message may appear. As a result, it is always advisable to use genuine toner or ink cartridges.

If you are interrupted by issues with the genuine Hp cartridge, follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

Go to the ‘HP SureSupply’ section.

Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase new cartridges and check their compatibility with your printer.

Only the genuine HP ink cartridge solved the problem after replacing it.

Examining the Ink Levels

This error might occur owing to a low or full ink cartridge. If you receive a ‘Ink Alert’ notice before the error occurs, replace the ink cartridge to resolve the issue.

Printhead Cleaning

In most cases, a blocked print head can cause a variety of problems and prohibit you from using the printer. In this case, you can clean it to recover the printer’s quality and return your printer back to normal operation.

Go to the printer’s control panel and use the automation tool to thoroughly clean the printhead. If this procedure does not work, it is probable that the printhead was not properly mounted. So, I recommend that you try to reset it again to resolve the issue.

Ink Cartridge Error Advanced Troubleshooting

Now, for those who are still seeing an ink system crash after we have hard reset the printer several times. You can follow the steps below.

To begin, perform another hard reset on your printer. Remove the power line from your printer and wait at least 2 minutes before reconnecting it.

If you have extra ink cartridges, replace all of your ink cartridges after the printer is switched on. If not, continue to the next step.

If the problem warning persists, our final step would be to do a quasi reset.

A semi-full reset restores your printer’s factory settings. It will be as if you purchased a new printer since you will have to re-configure everything, including your wireless network and printer options.

Various printers have different methods for starting a semi-full reset. Please email us with your printer’s brand and model so that we may provide you the proper instructions.

Tips for Preventing Ink System Failure in Printers

If you are able to resolve your printer problem, you should follow some of these actions to avoid ink system failure in the future.

Make use of authentic inks.

On your printer, you should only use authentic ink cartridges.

Those low-cost inks that are touted as compatible with your printing system may end up costing you more money in the long run. Because your printer was not tested to utilise those sorts of inks, its system may suffer if you use them instead of the inks recommended by the manufacturer.

If you have an issue using non-genuine inks, the maker of your printer may void your warranty.

Clear the printhead

Cleaning your printhead aids in the removal of air and dirt from your printhead, which can cause printer issues.

It’s simple to accomplish with your printer’s display screen or printer software on your computer or mobile device.

We recommend cleaning your printer’s printhead at least once a month, or if you change your ink cartridges or have any printing problems, such as inability to print in colour.

Make use of your printer.

You should use your printers at least every week in order to keep the inks from drying out. Furthermore, dried inks might cause ink system failure.

You are not required to print numerous pages every week. A one-page document will be enough.

Protect your printer.

Make it a practice to cover your printer when you are not using it. This helps stop dust and grime from building on your printer.

Covering your printer might reduce the amount of time you need to maintain it.