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How to Fix a Hp Printer in Error State? [Working Ways]

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printer error state fix

Key Takeways

  • Reboot System: Turn off and restart both your computer and printer.
  • Check Connections: Make sure all cables are plugged in and Wi-Fi is connected.
  • Update Drivers: Access Device Manager or visit HP’s website for the latest drivers.
  • Default Printer: Go to Printer Settings and set your HP printer as the default.
  • Clear Print Queue: Remove any pending tasks in the queue.
  • Restart Print Spooler: Navigate to ‘services.msc’ and restart the Print Spooler service.
  • Use Troubleshooter: Run Windows’ built-in printer troubleshooter.
  • Port Settings: Visit Printer Properties and adjust port settings.
  • Software Reinstall: Uninstall and reinstall printer software as a last resort.


Printer in Error state keeps popping up on your Printer screen while printing documents? You don’t need to worry because it’s a very normal issue which everyone finds some time and again, after all, you really do not know how to fix the printer in an error state.

It does not affect how and why you are using the latest printers compatible with Windows 11, iOS, or all-in-one wireless printers for Windows 11 PC. Sometimes the printer in error state windows 10 problem comes on maximum no. of brands of printers (e.g.) HP, Canon, Epson & brother.

What is Printer in Error State?

Every time you send a document to print, the message printer in an error state makes you feel disappointed. Because it is a direct result of such an issue, that your most essential work is pending. You will get a few valuable plans to adapt to this problem with the assistance of the HP chat system. Top experts are constantly ready to interface and chat with you.

Know a few reasons behind the HP printer in an Error state:

  • BIOS issues are common for errors in printers.
  • Virus attacks.
  • In case the printer’s driver gets infected or corrupted.
  • Lack of high-speed internet connectivity is highly responsible.
  • The wires and USB may not be inserted properly into your printer.

Follow the steps to fix the printer in error State HP

HP Printer in error state

Each time, we face such as windows 10 printer issues, we normally go for uninstalling and reinstalling printer drivers and in general, it helps us in getting rid of printer issues like a printer in error state hp whenever, if you are looking for a solution then you require to have a look at the below-detailed techniques of fix printer in error state hp.

This is because there are intricacies surrounding every machine which we ignore and in turn, we see pop-ups like HP printers in an error state. This issue is common for all the HP printers and solutions are equally straightforward.

How to fix a printer in an Error state problem?

In case your Window 10 matched the printer’s status appearing in an error state there may be a problem with the printer itself. So before doing any changes, ensure the printer is completely turned on and connected with your Windows 10 computer by the cable or Wi-Fi connection.

Moreover, you should see it for the low paper or ink, and be fully sure that the printer’s cover isn’t open and the paper isn’t jammed.

You must follow the under-mentioned instructions in order to solve the problem of a printer is in an error state:-

Step 1- Re-connecting and Restarting

restart printer
  • First of all, connect the power cord to the printer again and then reconnect the USB between the computer and printer properly. If you are using a wireless printer then check if the internet is working properly or not and also check the connection with the printer and computer.
  • You have to check the printer for low ink, paper jam, low paper, and an open printer cover. If all these parameters are in place then you just need to do the following step.
  • The final step is to restart the printer. This may solve the issue with your printer.
  • In case, this does not work and you are absolutely fed up of seeing the same message of the printer in an error state, again and again, then you can call us or try the next instruction.

Step 2- Printer’s status

printer status check

Check if your printer is in an online state or not. To check that you will have to do the following:

  • Visit the control panel
  • After that devices and printers
  • Navigate the printer you are trying to connect and check if it is indicating offline or ready.
  • In a situation, that it is showing ready and is still not printing then you can call us and our executives will resolve your issues.
  • In case it is showing offline then right-click on the printer and select the option of using the printer online. Finally, you can try printing again.

If the problem still remains then there might be a snag with the printer drivers. You can follow the following instruction to deal with the same or call us for a quick solution:-

Step 3 – Reinstalling/Updating Printer Drivers

update printer status

You have to check whether the drivers of your printer are updated or not. If not then you can easily download the driver needed for your printer. This way you will have the updated driver for the printer and you can try printing state then you need to follow the following instruction.

Alternative ways to Fix HP Printer In Error State problem

Fix printer is in error state by Device Manager

Generating some changes in the port settings by Device Manager may help you in this condition. Follow the below-mentioned steps to troubleshoot the printer in error state Window 10 printer issues:-

  • Firstly, click the Window + R keys together and type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box then press Enter key.
  • In addition, you can open Device Manager by going to the Start menu and then selecting the Device Manager Option from the Power User menu.
  • On the Device Manager Window, tap on the View menu and then choose Show hidden devices choice from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, increase the Ports (COM & LPT) category and click on the Printer Port then, select the Properties option.
  • On the Printer Port (LPT1) properties dialog box, visit the Port Settings option and then see the Enable legacy Plug and Play detection box.
  • After choosing, press on OK button to modify then close Device Manager.
  • Then, restart your Windows 10 computer and then try to test a print.

(Finally, now you should be able to print any document without having an issue.)

Easy Tips to Fix an HP Printer in an Error State?

printer in error state

Reboot and Reconnect

Reboot the System

Restart your computer and printer. It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it’s golden. Sometimes, rebooting can refresh the system and get rid of temporary glitches.

Check Physical Connections

If it’s a wired printer, make sure the USB cable is snug. For wireless printers, ensure Wi-Fi settings are properly configured.

Quick Tip: If your printer is still offline after rebooting, try using a different USB port or reinstalling the printer on your computer.

Update Your Drivers

Head Over to the Device Manager

On your computer, search for “Device Manager” and navigate to the printer section. Right-click on your printer and select “Update driver.”

Pro Tip: You can download drivers directly from the HP website if your operating system fails to provide a suitable one.

Automatic or Manual Update

Windows will prompt you to either search automatically for updated driver software or to browse your computer for driver software. If you’ve already downloaded the latest drivers from HP’s website, opt for manual.

Run Printer Troubleshooter

On Windows, you can use the built-in troubleshooting tool to diagnose and fix printer issues.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Update & Security.
  3. Select Troubleshoot from the sidebar.
  4. Click on the “Printer” and then run the troubleshooter.

Notes: Running the Windows Update Troubleshooter alongside can resolve compatibility issues. Double your chances of a fix by running both.

Software Reinstallation

Uninstall and Reinstall Software

If all else fails, it’s time to pull the plug—figuratively. Uninstall the printer software and reinstall it. Visit the HP Support Website to download the most recent software for your printer model.

Pro Tip: Remove all additional printer-related software and only reinstall what you absolutely need.

Final Words

Thus, you can find how simple it is to get rid of the printer in an error state windows 10 issue. Just by modifying the port settings using the device manager, reinstalling the printer’s drivers, and updating printer drivers manually.

Call the Printer Support team available 24×7 for help

In case, you are still facing problems with the same issues of Printer in error state or hp printer in error state windows 11. After that, talk to our technical expert team of professionals who can fix any hp printer issues within minutes online. So what are you waiting for? Directly pick up your phone and dial Printer support contact number to get help from us, we are happy to help you further.


  1. HP Printer Support
  2. Microsoft Device Manager
  3. Windows Update Troubleshooter
  4. HP Community Forum for Printers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I update my HP printer drivers?
You can update them through Device Manager or directly from HP’s official website.

2. What should I do if my printer shows offline?
Check the physical connections, ensure the Wi-Fi settings are accurate, and set your printer as the default one.

3. Can a paper jam cause my printer to be in error state?
Yes, paper jams can cause the printer to go into error state. Always make sure to remove any jammed paper carefully.

4. Is it necessary to reboot both the computer and printer?
While not strictly necessary, rebooting both can offer a more comprehensive solution.

5. Can an outdated operating system cause printer issues?
Yes, an outdated OS can lead to compatibility issues. Always keep your operating system up-to-date.


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