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How to Setup HP Photosmart Printer Wirelessly?

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HP Photosmart

In this post, we will go through all of the issues that may emerge during the HP Photosmart wireless printer initial setup, as well as their solutions.

All printers have a basic setup process that is either wired or wireless, with distinct steps to Setup HP Printer for each. As a result, in this post, we have included thorough information on how to install an HP printer, install an HP printer without a CD, and set up an HP printer (wired/wireless).

HP Photosmart wireless printer setup instructions without a CD

The following procedures can be used to set up an HP printer wirelessly without a CD:

  • The first step is to see if the printer is connecting to a network through a wireless connection. You may test this step by step to connect your HP printer to the internet.
  • Then, as directed by the user manual, locate the power switch and turn it on.
  • Connect the printer to the router after it has been turned on.
  • This is the most crucial step in configuring an HP Printer wireless without a CD. Visit the HP official website or to begin the download of printer drivers. Make careful you input the printer’s precise model number.
  • Now, start the driver installation and move on to the next stage.
  • Download the HP smart app from HP’s website to help you with the setup procedure.
  • Click the ‘next’ button in the making amendments until the setup is finished. When the setup is complete, the “ready to use” option will appear on the display screen.
  • You are now ready to begin printing tasks with your HP printer.

The techniques outlined above might assist you in installing HP printer installation without a CD.

HP wireless printer setup with CD instructions

HP printer Wireless setup is a relatively easy process that requires only inserting the CD into the drive and following the onscreen instructions. The following are the procedures to establishing a wireless setup using CD:

  • Connect the HP printer to a wireless connection and check that the system and routers are properly linked. Check the password and network name.
  • Once all networks are connected, open the CD and begin following the procedures by selecting ‘next.’ Repeat until you reach the ‘finish’ option.
  • When you arrive at the final stage, select ‘install.’
  • This procedure connects the printer to the operating system successfully.
  • Load papers into the paper bin and ink cartridges into the printer. Then, navigate to the ‘file’ menu and pick the file to be printed.
  • Choose the layout and patterns you want to retrieve. Make any necessary font adjustments.
  • To finish your first print job, proceed to the finally arrives step.

How to Setup an HP Printer with a USB Cable

HP printer setup for just a wired printer is simple and may be accomplished by following a few basic steps. These procedures are as follows: –

  • Place your printer near a computer to which you wish to connect. This involves ensuring that the printer is within range of the cable’s ability to reach the computer.
  •  Plug in your printer and turn it on. On your printer, there is a power button that must be clicked to turn it on.
  • Connect the computer to the printer via the Sata connector by simply plugging the cord into your computer’s USB port.
  • Go to the control panel and choose ‘devices and printers.’
  • After that, select ‘printer and scanner.’
  • When you press on printers and scanners, you will see a row labelled ‘add a new printer or scanner.’ Simply click on it.
  • The name of your printers will now appear in a box with an extra ‘add device option’ that must be clicked.
  • Continue to click next until your printer configuration is complete.

HP Printer Wireless Setup – Detailed Instructions 

Wi-Fi printer wireless setup normally involves connecting to a router that gives internet connectivity to the printer. If your printers connect by Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi, the method will differ somewhat.

  • The Wireless setup printer accommodates and offers access to numerous users. The distinction is that it does not connect via a cable or network.
  • It connects to a computer using Wi-Fi, which means that this printing connects to a network rather than a specific computer.
  • A wireless printer takes significantly longer to set up than a traditional wired printer.

Thus, the time required is mainly due to the specifics required to provide access, such as entering all of the computer’s network data as well as your Wi-Fi password to be carried out in HP printer wireless setup.

  • After inputting the right password, the printers will be able to identify and connect to the router.
  • You will also need to install a software setup on the computer, such as HP printer setup or HP printer setup mac, in order to finish the full procedure.
  • In addition to all of the information supplied in HP printer wireless setup, you must ensure that the printer’s speed and network type match.

Why is my HP printer not connected to the internet?

A data transmission that disconnects your HP printer is one of the most aggravating difficulties you can have. Your HP wireless printer may get unplugged from your network for a variety of reasons.

Anything can disconnect your HP printer from the network. Power outages are one of the most prevalent causes of HP printers losing network connectivity. It’s very unusual for your HP printer to remain offline following a power outage, even after you’ve rebooted both the print and your PC.

One of the most prevalent reasons for network connection difficulties is outdated drivers. Fortunately, these can be changed, although doing it manually will be difficult. More on it in a moment.

Reconnecting the Printer

Whatever the cause, your main goal will be to reconnect your HP printer with the network and get everything back online. You should begin by rebooting your router. Remove the power cable from the wireless router and wait at least 10 seconds before connecting it back in. On the router, you should be seeing a light turn on.

The next step is to push the wireless key on your HP printer to turn off and then on the wireless functionality. Unless there are any additional issues, all you should have to do now is wait for your HP printer to reconnect to your router. If this does not connect the printer and reestablish the net connection, you should try the following method.

Adding a New Router to Your HP Wireless Printer

One question you may have is, “How do I attach my wireless printer to a new router?” In certain circumstances, that is the true question, because connecting your HP printer may necessitate the use of a new router. There are several explanations for this. If the electrical connector was compromised during the power outage, it might damage your router. It’s probably possible, particularly in older houses with less complex wiring.

If you can’t use your current router, you’ll need to know the answer to this question. How can I get my wireless printer to reconnect to a new router?

How to Connect Your HP Wireless Printer to a New Router

The initial step in attaching your HP printer wireless to a new network will be quite similar to the ones you took when first configuring your HP printer.

And begin, press the right arrow on your HP printer’s touchscreen interface to choose Setup.

A spanner and a gear are commonly used to symbolise the icon.

Following that, you will be given a configuration menu, from which you will select Network. You’ll be sent to another screen with still another menu.

Click on the Wireless Setup Wizard from this menu.

To proceed, enter your SSID on the next page. Your WEP/WPA pass will be followed by your SSID. After entering your password, click Done.

Finally, you may confirm your choices by clicking OK. The final screen you’ll see asks if you want to print a wireless report. You can skip the report and close the option if you do not want to print it.

Keep in mind that if you use the same SSID and charts as your prior router while installing your new one, all of these procedures are redundant. If you retain the same network settings, your HP printer should connect to your network automatically once the modem router is up and running.

If it doesn’t work, and the network connection fails, it might be because of badly outdated device drivers for several hardware components. Next, you’ll discover how drivers might impair your HP wireless printer’s capability to connect to your router.


We covered all of the techniques for installing wireless and wired connections in this post. In the following sections, we will go through ‘HP wireless printer setup Windows 10’ and ‘HP printer wireless setup Mac’. We hope that by following the steps above, you will be able to properly set up your printer. If you are still unable to complete the setup, you can contact the toll-free number listed on your screen for help. You may also contact HP’s customer service helpline through their official website.