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Fix My HP Laserjet Printer 49.4c02 Error

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Printer 49.4c02 error

Fault 49.4C02 on HP printers is a recognised error that pauses all printer activities and necessitates a restart. The mistake is shown on the printer screen when it happens. For some lucky customers, it was an isolated incident, but for others, it has been a regular nightmare, rendering the printer useless because the error repeats within seconds of turning the printer on.

The HP Printer Error 49.4c02 is a well-known problem among HP Laserjet printer users, causing many jobs to fail to finish on time due to printer inefficiencies and shutdowns caused by this error.

One of the most unpleasant aspects of owning a printer is that things might go wrong and be difficult to repair. Some consumers were able to resolve their issue with a single fast reset, while others were caught in an unending cycle of error messages when they attempted to switch on their HP printer again.

How to Repair HP Printer Error Code 49.4c02

HP printers are well-known around the globe for their high printing quality and cutting-edge technology. These printers are suitable for both home and professional use. HP printers are offered to meet the demands of each user.

However, there are certain drawbacks that users may encounter in the form of errors. The HP printer error 49.4c02 is one of the most prevalent. Before you can learn how to solve this mistake, you must first understand what caused it.

When there are too many tasks in the queue, the printer does not listen to your request and just displays the error.

When you analyse the problem, it will be a lot simpler for you to comprehend it. The major source of this issue, among many others, is an improper print head. However, you should not be concerned because they are easily resolved. You only need to follow a few steps.

There will be some people who are unsure how to handle the problem. What they can do is seek assistance from printer professionals. Our experts have extensive experience and are well-known for resolving these errors.

It is now time to resolve Printer Error Code 49.4c02. twenty minutes

Remove any tasks from the print queue

Remove any tasks from the print queue

When you see an HP printer error code 49.4c02 on your screen, the best thing you can do is empty your computer’s printer queue. Open Printing Device by clicking on the printer icon in the upper right hand corner of your computer screen.

Examine the printer’s wifi connection

An issue with your network printer and computer connectivity is another possible cause of HP printer error code 49.4c02. If you have an HP printer and the blue light is flashing or not steady, it is not linked to your wireless network.

Connecting your printer is as simple as using WPS or manually adding the Wi-Fi password on your printer’s display panel.

Firmware updates for printers

Firmware is similar to your printer’s operating system. If you have an older model, inadequate firmware might cause printing and scanning difficulties. Firmware updates are issued on an as-needed basis to address problems such as the one you are now experiencing.

Replace the printer driver

A 49.4c02 error code might be caused by a problem with your HP printer driver. The simplest approach to resolve this is to update your printer driver to the most latest edition.

Make sure you first uninstall the previous printer driver from your PC. You can now quickly download your HP printer driver by visiting this page on the HP Support website.

Create a test page

Try printing a test page once you’ve updated the firmware and driver for your printer. You may accomplish this by heading to your Windows computer’s Devices and Printers menu.

To open the Run window, simply press the CTRL toggle and the letter “R.” Click the OK button after entering “control printers.” Navigate to Printer Properties by selecting your printer icon. Finally, try printing a test sheet to check how it goes.

Alternative Fix for HP Printer Error 49.4c02

When printing papers in PDF format, which employs tiny fonts, many HP printer owners encounter the error message 49.4c02, which might create issues with the printer’s memory and general operation. Printing the PDF as an image is an alternative solution to HP Printer Error 49.4c02.

You may accomplish this by hitting the Window key and the letter “P” to open the printing preview window. Select the “Print as an image” option from the Advanced menu. Click OK to print the paper as an image, therefore avoiding error code 49.4c02.

Before publishing the image copy of the PDF, make sure to empty the printer queue. This manner, the PDF file that was not printing is no longer producing problems for your HP printer. You will be unable to print from your HP printer until you remove that file.

What Is the Source of Printer Error Code 49.4c02 on My HP Printer?

The misunderstanding between your printer and computer has been related to the 49.4c02 error and other similar errors. This might be due to a faulty PDF file or out-of-date printer firmware. If you have a problem printing the PDF file, your HP printer will display an error notice every time you print unless you cancel or delete that specific print job from your computer.

Causes Error Message 49.4C02 

HP Printer Problem Code 49.4c02 is a frequent error among HP Printers that halts all activities and requests a restart. This might be a transitory issue for a few lucky people that is resolved by restarting the printer. While it may be a constant pain for many because the error appears as soon as you start the system, rendering the printer inoperable. The causes of error code 49.4c02 are as follows.

  • Simple misunderstanding between the target printer and the system that dispatches the print job.
  • The usage of an out-of-date version of the printer’s firmware.

First steps to resolving Error Code 49.4c02

An ongoing print operation is frequently the source of Error Code 49.4c02. Clear all print jobs that are queued.

Start of my disconnecting all external cables and turning off the power button. Restart it to see whether the error notice has vanished.

If the device is ready, try printing any internal training page while the wires are detached. If it works, the error was most likely caused by a blocked job.

HP Printer Error 49.4C02 Troubleshooting

Upgrade the Printer’s Firmware

The printer’s firmware is its operating system. When an error occurs in a printer, the first suspicion is Outdated Firmware. Firmware updates are published on a regular basis to patch bugs and alleviate difficulties like the one you’re experiencing right now. However, in order to update the Firmware, the printer must be ready. To begin, cancel all pending Print Jobs. If you are the only one connected, take the following steps:

  • Search for Devices and Printers by using the Windows Key.
  • Choose your device and printers.
  • To see what’s printed, right-click on the installed printer.
  • Cancel all papers.

If, on the other hand, the printer is a networked printer and you are unsure who has a pending print job, just unhook the network cable and disconnect the printer from the network. Restart the printer while leaving the network wire disconnected.

How does one go about updating the firmware?

1) Be aware of your current version

To upgrade the firmware, first determine which system software version is presently installed on the printer. Print a configuration document or access the needs to interact on the Printer itself to accomplish this.

2) Look for the most recent version

Go to the HP Drivers support page once you’ve determined your current version. Under the Operating System, enter the model number of your printer as well as the Windows version. Click Firmware in the results. The most recent firmware will be at the top. If it is newer than your version, an update is necessary.

3) Install the latest firmware

Download the most recent firmware. Launch the firmware and pick the printer that requires an update. Now, click the Send Firmware button. Please be patient as this may take some time. Reboot the printer and reconnect it to the network. 99% of the time, the problem will be remedied. If it is not resolved, proceed to Step 2.

Install the drivers to PCL6

The programming language used in printer drivers is PCL6 or PCL5 or PCL5e. The PCL6 Driver is well-known for addressing the 49.4c02 printer problem.

How Do I Install the PCL6 Driver?

Go to the HP Drivers help page to get the PCL6 driver. Under the Operating System, enter the model number of your printer as well as the Windows version. Select Driver from the list of options. Look for PCL6 and then click the download option. Now, open the downloaded file, specify a place, and click unzip. The installation process will begin automatically. To finish the installation, follow the onscreen instructions.

Restart your printer right away. The mistake should have been corrected.

If you have any questions about the processes above, or if you have any other technical issues that need to be resolved, please feel free to contact our HP Printer Technical Support.